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Most people don't realize that genetics doesn’t have to dictate their future. Instead, they can reverse or stop genetic tendencies that would lead to illness by participating in the GET DNAbled™ program created by William Stanford, MD, PhD, FACP, at Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine. Dr. Stanford performs whole genome sequencing and multiomic labs, then uses his experience as a board-certified internist, physiologist, and genetics specialist to synthesize the information and develop a blueprint with customized recommendations to treat and prevent disease. If you or your patient live in California and would like to start the GET DNAbled protocol, call the office based in Sherman Oaks, California, or request a consultation online. One of their doctors or nurses will be available to take your call.

Get DNAbled Q & A

What is GET DNAbled?

GET DNAbled is an innovative, precision medicine program created by Dr. Stanford to identify a patient’s risk for future disease, reveal existing disease at the earliest possible stage, and give you an actionable plan to treat and prevent health problems.

Dr. Stanford performs whole genome sequencing and other specialized labs and creates each person's GET DNAbled plan. Then their primary care physician provides the medical care recommended in the plan. 

Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine can recommend a trusted physician to patients who don’t have a primary care physician and would like to be referred for GET DNAbled. 

What happens during the GET DNAbled process?

The GET DNAbled protocol follows these steps: 

Step 1: Personalized phone consultation

The GET DNAbled program begins with a phone conversation with a registered nurse. She talks about the program, explains the plan options, and helps patients choose the one that's right for them.

As part of this step, patients complete an online questionnaire that covers their medical and family history. In addition to being an important part of assessing their health, the information helps Dr. Stanford determine the most appropriate assessments for their health profile. 

Step 2: Whole genome sequencing

Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine mails a DNA saliva sample kit to the patient. It's easy to collect the sample and return it using the postage-paid envelope. Their saliva is used to perform whole genome sequencing.

Whole genome sequencing is different from typical genetic tests that target one gene or a small part of your DNA. When you have whole genome sequencing, 100% of your DNA is evaluated, revealing all possible genetic variations or mutations. 

After your DNA is sequenced, the information is compared with multiple curated databases that identify the gene variants in your genetic profile. 

Step 3: Risk factor evaluation and additional testing

Reports from whole genome sequencing reveal a person’s overall health and allow Dr. Stanford to identify their risk factors. He also runs other precision and multiomic labs that are included in their GET DNAbled plan. 

This could include micronutrient, food sensitivity, pharmacogenomic, and epigenetic testing, to name a few of the specialized tests available. 

Step 4: GET DNAbled Blueprint

Dr. Stanford reviews your medical history and the results of all of your tests. After thoroughly analyzing all of your information, he develops a customized GET DNAbled Blueprint. 

The patient (and their primary care provider if desired) meets with Dr. Stanford, and he explains their blueprint and answers their questions. Each individualized GET DNAbled Blueprint includes actionable insights, tools, and recommendations for medical and lifestyle changes to treat any existing conditions and prevent future health problems.

For example, the plan may include recommendations for diet and exercise, supplements, medical-grade wearables, and pharmaceutical changes. 

Step 5: Access your secure data

After meeting Dr. Stanford, patients get access to their personal information stored on a secure, HIPAA-compliant patient portal. Their GET DNAbled Blueprint, DNA reports, lab results, and a whole genome sequencing file are all secure on the portal. 

The patient controls who sees their information, so they can choose to share access with family and health care providers. 

Who helps implement the GET DNAbled action plan?

There may be parts of the plan such as diet and exercise that patients can begin on their own. However, the plan is implemented under the supervision of a primary care provider (PCP). 

Patients can invite their PCP to the meeting with Dr. Stanford and choose to share access to the patient portal.

If you want to learn more about the GET DNAbled program, call the office or book an appointment online. One of their doctors or nurses will be available to take your call.

If you or your patient want to learn more about how precision medicine can help you live an active, thriving life, book a consultation online or call Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine, based in Sherman Oaks, California. The team offers the convenience of direct access to a doctor via phone or video conferencing. One of their doctors or nurses will be available to take your call today.