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Enhance your portfolio of services by offering your patients the opportunity to GET DNAbled™. When you participate in physician collaboration with William Stanford, MD, PhD, FACP, and the team at Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine, you receive a blueprint for you and your patient that includes all of their genetic health risks. Also included is Dr. Stanford's expert assessment and recommendations based on the patient's medical and family history, current labs, whole genome sequencing, and other specialized testing as needed. If you would like to explore a collaboration, call the office based in Sherman Oaks, California, or use the online booking feature to connect with Dr. Stanford.

Physician Collaboration Q & A

Why consider a physician collaboration?

Whether you're a primary care physician or a specialist, you will have patients who need precision medicine to accurately prevent, diagnose, and treat disease.

The first step toward personalized medical care is obtaining reliable and detailed information from Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine. Their sole focus revolves around building comprehensive genetic profiles using today’s most advanced and evidence-based testing. 

The added value of collaboration comes from the expert analysis and treatment blueprint provided by Dr. Stanford. As a dedicated physician-scientist, Dr. Stanford is board-certified in internal medicine, has a PhD in physiology, and holds certifications in genetics and genomics.

His unique GET DNAbled™ Blueprint perfectly complements your medical care. GET DNAbled allows you to make decisions that support the long-term health and wellness of your patients, whether they need targeted treatment or want to change their lifestyle to avoid their genetic predispositions.

What is the GET DNAbled Blueprint?

GET DNAbled, the precision medicine program developed by Dr. Stanford, forms the foundation for his analysis and targeted treatment recommendations. This program gives you the information needed to diagnose the source of your patient’s symptoms, find disease at its earliest stage, and help them prevent future diseases.

The GET DNAbled program involves four basic steps:

Phone consultation

First, your patient has a phone consultation with one of the team’s highly trained registered nurses. The nurse explains the program and the available plans and reviews your patient's medical and family history.

Whole genome sequencing

Dr. Stanford always performs whole genome sequencing, which evaluates 100% of your patient's DNA. This analysis reveals all of their genetic variations and mutations and diagnoses, even the rarest medical conditions.

Whole genome sequencing requires only a saliva sample. The team mails a DNA kit to your patient, they take a saliva sample and return it using a postage-paid envelope.

Risk evaluation and additional testing

After receiving the patient's whole genome sequencing, Dr. Stanford evaluates their overall health, identifies existing conditions, and assesses their risk factors. Depending on the results, he may recommend additional testing.

Present the GET DNAbled Blueprint

Based on your patient’s comprehensive testing, Dr. Stanford creates their individualized GET DNAbled Blueprint. The blueprint includes all of the information from their tests along with his recommendations.

At this stage, you’re invited to attend the one-hour review with Dr. Stanford and bill for your time. You learn what your patients need to screen and supplement for, and how to address any of their current medical concerns that the program finds.

Your patient's whole genome sequencing and testing information are stored in a HIPAA-compliant vault. They can access this information in perpetuity, allowing them to "test once and use it for life."

What services may be included in a physician collaboration?

In addition to whole genome sequencing and basic tests such as a complete blood workup, Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine offers an extensive array of assessments, including precision and multiomic labs.

Your patient may need:

  • Epigenetic mapping
  • Micronutrient testing
  • Microbiome testing
  • Hormone testing
  • Food and inhalants sensitivity testing
  • Galleri® multi-cancer early detection tests
  • SomaLogic® large-scale protein testing
  • OneOme® pharmacogenomics
  • Advanced intestinal barrier testing
  • Noninvasive 4D whole-body MRI
  • Cambridge Brain Sciences cognitive assessment

This list isn't comprehensive, but it gives you a good overview of the testing available at Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine.

To learn more about collaborating with Dr. Stanford, call Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine or connect using the online booking feature today.

If you or your patient want to learn more about how precision medicine can help you live an active, thriving life, book a consultation online or call Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine, based in Sherman Oaks, California. The team offers the convenience of direct access to a doctor via phone or video conferencing. One of their doctors or nurses will be available to take your call today.