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When patients need personalized health care, whether to determine the cause of symptoms, create a targeted treatment plan, or prevent future disease, they need precision and multiomic labs. William Stanford, MD, PhD, FACP, at Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine collaborates with physicians and health care partners to provide the detailed information and analysis they need to effectively treat patients. Dr. Stanford combines whole genome sequencing with highly specialized precision and multiomic labs to develop individualized recommendations. You or your patient can schedule an appointment by calling the office based in Sherman Oaks, California, or using the online booking feature. One of their doctors or nurses will be available to take your call.

Precision and Multiomic Labs Q & A

What are precision and multiomic labs?

To the team at Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine, precision means patient-centered medical services that are proactive, preventive, predictive, private, and personalized. 

Multiomics refers to obtaining specialized details about DNA and cellular activities inside the body and then combining all of the pieces of information to holistically analyze a patient's health.

These are only three examples of omics and the information they reveal: 


Genomics identifies the genes and genetic variants associated with disease and a patient's response to treatment. Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine always performs whole genome sequencing, which shows 100% of each person's DNA. 


Epigenomics looks at chemical modifications to DNA and the way genes switch on and off due to environmental influences and aging. Factors like diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and exposure to chemicals change the way each person's genes work. 

These epigenetic changes affect their risk of developing a disease, but the changes are reversible because the DNA sequence isn't altered. 


Microbiomics studies the microorganisms that thrive on skin and mucus membranes and in the gut. The type and amount of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, and fungi) that make up your microbiome have a significant role in your health. 

What precision and multiomic labs are available?

Micronutrient testing

These tests assess 31 vitamins and minerals, and then Dr. Stanford offers recommendations regarding supplementation. 

Food and inhalant sensitivity testing

These tests measure a patient's sensitivity to 208 different foods and additives, as well as 48 environmental inhalants. Addressing these sensitivities can reduce inflammation.

Epigenetic mapping

After testing that reveals the epigenetic changes in a patient's DNA, Dr. Stanford recommends lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of age-related diseases. This test reveals a patient's biological age vs. their chronological age, and Dr. Stanford can create a plan to help slow down your current rate of aging.

Microbiome testing

Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine assesses the gastrointestinal ecosystem. Their tests measure hundreds of microbe species, helping them detect the cause of acute and chronic illnesses. 

Mayo Clinic pharmacogenomics

This test shows how a patient's genetics affects their response to medications, including effectiveness and potential side effects. This information allows you to prescribe the best medicine for their unique genetic make-up without taking a trial-and-error approach. 

Liquid Biopsy – Galleri® multi-cancer early detection test

Dr. Stanford offers this revolutionary blood test that detects more than 50 types of cancer in the early stage, including many cancers that aren't commonly screened for. 

Proteomics – SomaLogic®

SomaSignal™ measures blood proteins to detect health risks, learn the severity of existing diseases, and monitor your patient's health. These tests target their risk for cardiovascular disease, heart failure prognosis, liver fat, glucose tolerance, cardiorespiratory fitness, resting energy rate, body fat percentage, visceral fat, lean body mass, and alcohol impact. 

Advanced intestinal barrier testing

These blood tests detect a leaky gut, which allows harmful substances to get into your bloodstream and contribute to autoimmune diseases, systemic inflammation, and food sensitivities. 

Hormone testing

This is a test to determine levels of hormones that affect your weight, sexual health, and brain function, including sex hormones, thyroid hormones, TPO antibodies (to show the cause of thyroid disease), cortisol, DHEA-S (dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate), and SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). 

Do patients also get standard lab tests?

In addition to specialty precision and multiomic labs, Dr. Stanford also performs standard lab tests showing the baseline of a patient's current health. 

They run a custom Quest Diagnostics® lab panel that includes a complete blood count, kidney and liver function, blood sugar, lipids, hormones, vitamin depletion, cancer markers, urinalysis, and more.

All lab results are stored in a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud backup. Additionally, patients have full control over who can access their results. 

If you want to learn more about precision and multiomic labs, call the office or book an appointment online. One of their doctors or nurses will be available to take your call.

If you or your patient want to learn more about how precision medicine can help you live an active, thriving life, book a consultation online or call Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine, based in Sherman Oaks, California. The team offers the convenience of direct access to a doctor via phone or video conferencing. One of their doctors or nurses will be available to take your call today.