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Companies that trace your ancestry offer genetic testing, but their tests can’t come close to revealing the depth of information available through whole genome sequencing. As a specialist in precision medicine, William Stanford, MD, PhD, FACP, at Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine works closely with doctors and health care partners who want to provide exceptional care for their patients. Dr. Stanford performs whole genome sequencing and draws on his extensive training and experience in genetics and genomics to analyze the results and create personalized recommendations for treating and preventing disease. To learn more, call the office based in Sherman Oaks, California, or book an appointment online today. One of their doctors or nurses will be available to take your call.

Whole Genome Sequencing Q & A

What is whole genome sequencing?

Whole genome sequencing is a comprehensive test that determines the entirety of your unique genetic information. By comparison, standard genetic testing can target small areas of a patient’s DNA, such as a variant in one specific gene, or in some cases, multiple genes.

Every cell in the human body contains 46 chromosomes. Each chromosome has two six-foot-long strands of DNA, and the strands share 6 billion pairs of nucleotides (the building blocks of DNA). The sequence of these building blocks determines your genetic blueprint.

Sequencing 100% of a patient’s DNA with whole genome sequencing produces 10,000 times more information than other genetic tests (like targeted gene panels or whole exome sequencing). Dr. Stanford uses his expertise in physiology, genetics, and internal medicine to evaluate each patient’s results and develop recommendations clearly explained in each patient’s GET DNAbled™ Blueprint Report.

When do patients need whole genome sequencing?

Whole genome sequencing allows doctors to diagnose and treat disease, identify risk factors, prevent chronic disease, and help each person achieve optimal health and longevity. The results of whole genome sequencing give you the ability to: 

Identify all currently known disease-causing genetic mutations.

Create targeted treatments and preventive care and treatment.

The details provided through whole genome sequencing are especially beneficial for developing personalized treatments or when patients have multiple generic or contradictory symptoms, and standard diagnostic testing can’t find the underlying cause.

Whole genome sequencing can help diagnose or reveal the risk for a wide range of health conditions, including:

  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • Alzheimer’s disease and dementias
  • Developmental and intellectual disabilities
  • Mental health problems
  • Hearing and vision problems
  • Brain abnormalities
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Skeletal abnormalities
  • Immune deficiencies
  • Muscular dystrophy and other myopathies
  • Recurrent or unexplained illnesses and infections 

After identifying a patient’s risk of developing a chronic health condition, Dr. Stanford creates customized preventive care programs from medications and supplements to exercise and diet plans.

Diagnose rare genetic disorders

Whole genome sequencing picks up 31% more cases of rare genetic disorders than standard genetic tests. For example, mitochondrial disorders affect 1 in 4,300 people, yet they’re incredibly difficult to diagnose without whole genome sequencing. 

Using whole genome sequencing as an early diagnostic test may spare patients from more invasive testing.

Promote longevity

Inherited genes combined with genetic mutations that occur throughout a patient’s lifetime contribute to aging. As whole genome sequencing identifies genetic tendencies that affect aging, Dr. Stanford can recommend a lifestyle and medical plan to promote longevity. 

Are whole genome sequencing results private and secure?

Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine protects each person’s information in a patient portal with secure HIPAA-compliant storage. Patients have sole ownership of their whole genome sequencing data, as well as control over who can access their data. This data file can be used again and again in various reporting programs as the science of genetics progresses. As we like to say, “sequence once, analyze many times.”

If you want to learn more about whole genome sequencing, call the office or book an appointment online. One of their doctors or nurses will be available to take your call.

If you or your patient want to learn more about how precision medicine can help you live an active, thriving life, book a consultation online or call Beverly Hills Institute for Precision Medicine, based in Sherman Oaks, California. The team offers the convenience of direct access to a doctor via phone or video conferencing. One of their doctors or nurses will be available to take your call today.